TicToc offers the best of both worlds with two highly competitive storage solutions. We can cater for either those requiring local storage with frequent access requirements or others looking for more long term secure storage outside London whilst, for example, renovating a property or working abroad.

For those needing regular access, we offer a modern Lock and Leave facility in South West London which is extremely secure, clean and well lit as well as offering a 24/7 secure pin code access. You can come and go as you please and it’s suitable for those needing a short term solution such as decluttering prior to a property sale or a small business needing to store stock.

For those seeking a longer term solution with little need to access their possessions on a regular basis, we offer a great value container storage facility situated in Aston, Gloucestershire. This state of the art warehouse is fitted with the most up-to-date red care security. Your belongings are loaded into 250ft3 containers at your property, an inventory is made and then the containers are transferred to the storage warehouse facility until you require them.



  • Conveniently located modern storage facility in South West London
  • Large variety of different sized units to suit all needs
  • 24/7 Access for your convenience
  • On site parking
  • Fully secure 24hr Red Care Security and CCTV protection
  • TicToc office on site for any help required
  • Storage insurance available from £5.00+VAT per unit per week


  • Great value storage with access available at only 5 days notice
  • Each wooden container measures 250ft3 (equivalent of 35ft2 in self storage)
  • Less removal handling required and therefore less chance of damage to your possessions
  • Fully secure 24hr Red Care Security and CCTV protection
  • Return transport between London and storage facility in Aston, Gloucestershire for only £15.00+VAT per container
  • Storage insurance available from £2.00+VAT per container per week